WordPress posts from your iPhone that actually works

WordPress had a mobile application for iPhones and other mobile IOS devices for years but they didn’t work very well until now.
Just recently, my friend Jim Connolly wrote a blog post on his website about how he is using his iPhone to publish blog posts on WordPress and how much it has improved from the versions before it.  He certainly was correct and I am grateful that he told me about it.
I remember days gone past where trying to publish a WordPress blog post on anything but computer was almost impossible but after trying the updated IOS app, I am impressed on how well it works and I think you will be too.

Many options on a small screen

You can change your H tags, create numbered or un-ordered lists, choose font options, add links, block quotes and pretty much everything else you can do on the computer.  The only downside I can see, is not having the precise cursor control that a mouse and an actual keyboard offers but with all the small Bluetooth keyboards available, that should make it easier.

The iPad just became more useful

I haven’t tried it on the iPad yet but I would guess the experience is even better with a screen larger than my iPhone 8 plus.  I always wanted to use my iPad for writing when I don’t want to turn on my laptop or sit in front of my computer.  I can sit in my recliner or pretty much anywhere else and write a blog post.
Another feature, that I really like, is the ability to add and edit an image into the post like below.
Brookfield Zoo 2017

More options

WordPress IOS options
Writing blog posts isn’t all you can do.  You can check your site stats, publish not only blog posts but pages too.  You can view you media and manage comments.  You can change your themes and menus, activate and deactivate plugins, manage your social media connections and change your site settings.  After seeing all the features that I can change, I am not sure what I would use my laptop except for the full size keyboard.  I am sure there are other options buried inside the app that I haven’t found yet but I am more impressed than I was when I started writing this post.
Some of the features require the Jetpack plugin and a WordPress.com account for stats and other functions but it’s worth it to get so many features in the palm of your hand.
I haven’t worked with it long enough, only about 30 minutes or so, but the only things I do not see available such as  the options that certain plugins offer, like those in Yoast SEO, while writing.  I can live without those and can always use my computer, after I publish, to clean things up.
It also allows you to connect to multiple WordPress blogs through the same interface.

Is this a blogging dream come true?

I believe that this could allow more people to start blogging.  So many people use their mobile phones or tablets for almost everything internet related and having a simple but effective way to blog on the go could open up a whole new world for new and old bloggers in general.
If you haven’t used WordPress for IOS in while, give it try and let me know what you think about it in the comments below.
This post was written using my iPhone with some edits done on my laptop.

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