Who killed Call of Duty Infinite Warfare?

nuclear explosion infinite warfare
Is Call of Duty Infinite Warfare is reaching its end? Problems connecting to multiplayer games in Infinite Warfare began with the release of WW2.

Is it the beginning of the end for Infinite Warfare?

Many of us have enjoyed playing multiplayer Infinite Warfare since it was released but I think Activision might have a different plan.
The day that Call of Duty WW2 was released the problems began. I could connect to some multiplayer matches but the game would disconnect at the end or during the middle of the match.
I understand that of the Infinite Warfare players jumped to the WW2 but I am sure that there are still many players who didn’t run out and buy the new game.
Some of you might suggest that it’s my internet connection but I have high speed cable, open NAT and could play Doom multiplayer without a problem that same day. Since then, I connected to a couple multiplayer matches but they are few and far between and it seems that others sitting in the lobby might be having the same issue.
After a quick look at the Call of Duty Activision support forums there are some others are having similar issues but I do not see any solutions at the moment. I cannot tell if it is related to Xbox or one of the other platforms but it is happening on my Xbox One.

Maybe it’s time to look for something new?

The reviews for Call of Duty WW2 aren’t too popular and shelling out $90 or more, with the DLC, for what sounds like an okay game doesn’t sound appealing. Maybe some more time playing Doom will satisfy me or I’ll wait until the WW2 goes on sale.
Let me know, in the comment area, if you have been having issues connecting to multiplayer games in Infinite Warfare too.

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